• U.S. stocks record highs with attention focused on the stimulus


    Nikkei near its highest level in 6 months

     U.S. stocks record highs with attention focused on the stimulus


    U.S. stocks rose yesterday, with the Dow Jones industrial index and S&Poros 500 indices new levels while investors continue to focus on economic stimulus from the Federal Reserve, according to Reuters. And the Dow Jones industrial average stocks of American companies at the level of 16,000 points. And the s & p 500 SPX 2.48 points or 0.14 percent to 1800.66 points, and Nasdaq composite index climbed laced technology firms 2, 073 points or 0.05 percent to 3988.041 points. Meanwhile, European stock market indices rose in the first session of the week. And European equity markets continued to rise on improved data and keep the Fed quantitative easing policies.
    And lose sight of the important data that highlights expected this week focused on the US Federal Reserve meeting minutes held on last month and took the decision to maintain the quantitative easing policies worth $ 85 billion per month, probably explains the record behind the decision and thus know the trends of the World Bank in the coming period. Some believe that the Bank has tended to accelerate the reduction of mitigation policies by the end of this year, and others that the Bank may do so in the first quarter of the new year. Stoxx 600 index rose broader remains at its highest level in five years by 0.62 per cent registered 325.00 points. Dax also rose by 0.75 per cent registered 9237.00 points. And the British FTSE 100 rose 0.49 percent to 6727.00 points. The French CAC 40 rose by 0.74 per cent registered 4324.00 points.

    In Asia, Nikkei index of Japanese stocks near the highest level in six months Wednesday after shattered sales to profit rising stocks such as Toyota Motor Corp. and KDDI's mobile communications financial stocks finally stepped up gains thanks to the strong quarterly results. Nikkei closed unchanged at 15164.30 points after having climbed to the highest level in six months at 15273.61 points. The Nikkei rose 7.7 per cent last week registered the biggest weekly gain in four years. The index climbed 46 percent since the beginning of the year, supported by fiscal and monetary stimulus measures in Japan. And the broader Topix index closed Wednesday up 0.2 percent at 1241.67 points. Elsewhere, the benchmark Indian stock index Sensex by more than 2 per cent yesterday succumbed to increasing foreign fund purchases and concerns over the US Federal Reserve cuts its catalytic role.

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