• The stocks of 117 companies have risen since the beginning of 2019 as 40 of them performed better than the general index



    * Talal Al-Sayah from Riyadh


    The stocks of 117 companies rose since the beginning of the year 2019 against the decline of stocks of 55 companies, while two companies suspended from trading, " Etihad Atheeb Telecom" and "Wafa Insurance" Saudi Indian Insurance.

    According to the monitoring unit of the reports in the newspaper "AlEqtisadiah" that was based on data on the site of the Saudi Stock Exchange Tadawul, the higher growth rates for companies whose shares recorded gains from 0.23% to 44.51%.

    While 40 companies performed better than the general index with a rise of more than 16.1%.


    Nine companies recorded rises above 30 per cent: "Chubb" by 44.51 per cent, " Al Tayyar" by 44.50 per cent, "Etihad Etisalat" by 36.31 per cent, "Tasnee" by 34.14 per cent, " Zain Saudi Arabia" by 32.77 per cent, "Fitness Time" by 32.48 per cent, "Budget Saudi Arabia" by 32.07 per cent, "SSP" by 31.53 per cent and "Riyad Bank" by 30.17 per cent.

    While 19 companies recorded a rise of between 20 per cent and less than 30 per cent, 28 companies between 10 per cent and less than 20 per cent, and 61 companies are between 0.23 per cent and less than 10 per cent.


    The 55 companies have a decline rate ranged from 0.24 per cent to 32.40 per cent, of which one company registered a decline of more than 30%, "Care" by 32.4%.

    Companies recorded declines ranging between 10 per cent to 25 per cent that is including "SPG" by 24.75 per cent, "Saudi Fisheries" by 19.67 per cent, "Al-Sorayai Group" by 18.65 per cent, "Anaam Inertational" by 16.34%, "SIECO" by 13.56 per cent, "Amanah Insurance" by 12.49 per cent, "AlKhudari" by 11.76 per cent, "Bahri" by 11.68%, "Wafrah" by 11.39 per cent, and "AlBaha" by 10.73 per cent.


    The Saudi stock market index TASI recorded a growth of 16.1 per cent more than 1261 points since the beginning of the year until the closure of 11 April 2019 last Thursday from 7826.73 points to 9087.97 points.


    * Economic Reports Unit​

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