• The parallel market rose 2% .. and trading volumes rise 82%


    ​        The parallel market fell " Nomw" for a second consecutive session to close at 3056 points by 2 percent. The trading value rose 52 thousand riyals by 6 percent to 925 thousand riyals, a rate of 4.3 thousand riyals for the transaction. While traded shares increased by 25 thousand shares by 82% to 57 thousand shares, with a drop rate of 0.34%.
    Deals rose 75 transactions by 54 percent to 212 deals. Al Omran rose 3.2 percent to close at 15.71 riyals, followed by Al Kathiri by 0.27 percent to close at 14.70 riyals, while Al Samani was the third with 0.18 percent to close at 56.90 riyals, followed by "food development" by 4.2% to close at 79 riyals, "Al Aseel" 2.9% to close at 62.10 riyals.
    The shares of "Redan" and the highest circulation "Redan" worth 329 thousand riyals, followed by "Alkathiri" value of 227 thousand riyals, and the third "Abu Muti" worth 164 thousand riyals.

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