• The outcomes of the companies maintain the upward trend of Saudi shares


    The outcomes of the companies maintain the upward trend of Saudi shares

    The Saudi stock market has managed in the last week of trading in the penetration level of 8,600 points, recording its new annual Summit TASI President at 5630 points, while the value of trades set back at 1.24 per cent, compared with the previous week's trading, which exceeded 27.35 billion riyals, with week trading 26.99 billion riyals, the shares' Yuan ' newly inserted in local market trading of 7.2 percent and the value of trades on the last real 1.94 billion meetings a week. According to TASI index penetration level of 8,600 points coinciding with the beginning of the New Year, the cursor close at the end of last year at 8,547 points, yielding a higher annual growth of 25.5 percent from the close at TASI 2012 at 6801 points. This increase was supported by the leading petrochemicals and banks sectors, with high index sinks in 2013 for 22 percent and the petrochemicals index 28.4 per cent.
    Trades last year rose, all indicators of market segments, except for the two sectors of the insurance industry sagging by 11.34 percent, depressed media sector by 6 percent, while the hotel industry at the forefront of most sectors increased by 123 per cent, followed by the retail index up 55.9 percent, real estate development index by 42.2 per cent, agriculture sector 39.5%. contributed the month of December at the annual TASI index 2.5 percent Compared with the index close in November Despite the low rate of daily trading to 5.04 billion a day compared to previous months, market trading, estimated at 5.54 billion daily. The rate of daily trades in 2013 was 5.52 billion a day undoing a 27.7 per cent of the value of daily trades in 2012 estimated 7.63 billion for the month of December (last December) the return of liquidity and speculation to the insurance sector occupied 17.64 percent from same month trading after declining share of sector Insurance in(November).
    Banking sector share increased to 13.9 per cent, compared with the average annual close up November's 9.5 per cent, the petrochemical share sector December trading 20.9 per cent, compared with an annual rate of 14.1 percent. The sectors decreased their share of the value of trades in December is the real estate sector dropped to 8.7 per cent, compared with the average annual 10.9 percent. And the retail sector which accounted for 4.7 percent, compared to a 7.1 percent annual rate, and the communications sector which declined its share to 4.5 per cent, compared with the average annual estimate of 6.7 percent. TASI index achieved in technical trades last year good technical signals, so keep it closed above historical averages animated exponential, This also maintained positive rankings averages close average 50 days on average 200 days since penetration average 50 day average 200 days in early trading by 2012. TASI index ended trading by 2013 to close above the 50-day average at 9,507 points above average 200 days at 8,743. technical reading of the Bollinger bands indicator Bollinger refers to expected to continue the upward trajectory in TASI, TASI closed over SMA for 20 days at 8,594 points, The TASI is still without resistance indicator Bollinger, Bollinger bands below 8630 points, and can penetrate further TASI to his forearm towards resistance 8950 points. As an indication of relative strength index RSI and the flow of liquidity, the MFI approached the severity levels in these two indicators, As the RSI soon from level 70, and the index closed MFI at 80. Despite the plummeting trades daily in December to below average trading market in 2013, estimated 5.54 billion riyals, and low rate trades, 2013, compared to 2012, it is expected to continue local market TASI index in ascending path supported by stimulus money, which showed the first three quarters in 2013 improved by close to 3 percent, compared to a net profit of 2012, It also forecast an improvement in profitability for market leadership as SABIC is expected to make a profit in 2013 than their performance in 2012, at least 8.5 riyals per share.

    In addition to the expected continued growth in profits banks made good growth in profits reported last year overall remains positive expectations for the domestic financial market, supports the improvement of global economic indicators, and the stability and consistency of local economic indicators remain strong, and improved financial centers for companies listed on the local market, the profit index TASI is worrying in that the cursor over historical averages , clicking the indicator supporting points by scoring more than at last year's Summit, The trader to choose the proper stop loss point. The index reflection of the downtrend is unlikely under the moving average market support him in his beginner year. 

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