• Saudi stocks stop the loss supported by selective buying in the last session


    ​         Saudi shares dropped 21 points, or 0.3 percent, to close at 6933 points. The decline came amid declining prices for 113 stocks and most sectors, the market was able to recover most of the losses at the end of the session, following a last-minute selective buying wave. Al Ahli rose about 5 percent in the last quarter of an hour in the past few days. Saudi Fransi shares.
    The index is still in a sideways direction, fundamentals are well supported by the profitability of companies in the third quarter, and improved oil prices. The market faces resistance at 7000 points while support at 6800 points.

    Market performance

    The general index opened at 6954 points, did not gain to the lowest point at 6849 points, losing 1.5%. At the end of the session, the index closed at 6933 points, losing 21 points, or 0.3%.
    Liquidity declined by 8 percent to SAR3.3 billion, or SR396,000, to SAR398,000. While traded shares dropped 13 percent by about 26 million shares to reach 180 million shares traded, and the drop rate was 0.95 percent. Deals dropped 2 percent to 87,000.
    Sector performance

    All sectors except Investment and Finance declined by 3 percent, followed by Food Retailation by 0.8 percent and Management and Real Estate Development by 0.4 percent. The drop was led by "Media" by 3%, followed by "Consumer Services" by 2.6%, and "Retail Luxury Goods" by 2%. The highest drop was "Banks" with a value of SR 32 billion, followed by "Basic Materials" by 21% to SR 727 million and "Real Estate Management and Development" by 20% amounting to SR 670 million.

    Stock performance

    The market traded 176 stocks, 61 shares rose against 113 shares and stability of the rest. Al Ahlia rose 7 percent to SAR 11.40, followed by Mesk by 6 percent to SAR 7.65 and Dar Al Arkan by 6 percent to SAR 9.53. On the other hand, the decline of "exports" for the maximum to close at 19.74 riyals, followed by "Mecca Construction" by 6 percent to close at 63.28 riyals.
    The highest drop was Dar Al Arkan (Rls 564 million) at 17 per cent, followed by Al-Enma (Rls 524 million) at 15 percent and SABIC (438 million riyals) at 13 percent.

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