• Saudi Arabia to Adopt UAE's "Wage Protection Program"


    Saudi Arabia is considering adoption a "wage protection program" for the employees of private sector companies. This was announcedby the Saudi Deputy Minister of Labor,Dr.Moufarrej Hagbaniyesterday during the GCC labor ministers' meeting in Riyadh. But there was no date confirmed by the Saudi government authority to launch the program.
    The "wage protection program" was originally conceived by the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia will examine the program and if feasible, the country will implement it judging the pros and cons of UAE experience, said the Deputy Labor Minister. 
    Dr. Hagbani noted that "wage protection program" was said to be effective in Saudi Arabia to develop the skills and careers of local employees in the private sector. "Saudi Arabia would like to benefit from this program," he said.He pointed out that initially this "wage protection program" will be applied to some private sector companies and based on this experience, employees of all companies will come under this program. "It is a unique program," said Dr. Hagbani.

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