• Minister of Transport :transport and rail network studies in Saudi Arabia under the final audit


    Including the construction of "Tabuk Train"
    Minister of Transport :transport and rail network studies in Saudi Arabia under the final audit



    EngAbdullah bin AbdulRahman theMinister of Transport stressed,that thestudies conducted bythe ministryto create a networkof public transportandtrainsin several areasin Saudi Arabia,includingTabuktrainproject,inthe final stages ofthe audit,pointingout that the ministrywill announcein the event ofcompletion ofthese projects,planandimplementation phases,as well asrailabsorbtheselarge projectslengths.
    He saidthe nextafterhis inspection touryesterday,in a number ofprojects implemented bythe Ministry of TransportinTabuk region,"My visitTabuk regioncomesin implementationof the directives ofthe Custodian ofthe Two Holy Mosques,tolook closely at thefunctioning ofallthe Ministry of Transportcarried outinthe region of Tabukprojects,and make surethat all projectstaking placeas planned. "
    He added,"We have examinedthe progress of theprojectthrough theTabukDubadoublebyBeerbinHermas-Honor-field,andbyChermedouble,and therates ofachievementin these projectsand the emphasis oncompaniesand institutions,the need forthe completion ofthese projectswithout delay,a privateroad that connectsTabukDubadifferentstages,and doubleroad that connectswellbinHermas-Alsharaf-Haqal,aswe sawon thelateonesand the reasons forthe delay,andwe will work toaddress the causes thatled tothe delayof these vitalprojects. "
    He stressed that thegoal of theMinistry of Transport,isthe completion ofexisting projects ,for the benefit ofthe people ofTabukarea , in addition toconsidering theprojectsthat require theadoption ofwhether it's adual carriagewaysor otherwiseprojects, "he said,"our first concernis to satisfythe peoplethe region,and to providethem with adequateservice,andthe implementation of projectsto the fullestin terms of qualityand duration,what mattershere isthe speed ofcitizenscompletion of eachexisting project,and this is whatwe promiseaccording tothe ministryserviceplans. "

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