• Holiday season raise car rental rates 20%


    Investors in the sector: pricing list is old and needs update
    Holiday season raise car rental rates 20%


    Rental car prices in Jeddah of recorded a 20 per cent rise during vacation season this semester; ' economic ' met clients' complain of higher prices compared with the end of the holiday season the first semester. A customer said: the high price of a car is no longer seasonal, but overdone, with the Ministry of transport responsible for weak oversight of the leasing activity. The investors in the private sector: to demand predominantly medium-sized and large cars, because of the holiday season. On the override price regulation pricing they have become ' old and need to be updated, to developments in the sector.  the ' economic ' tried to contact with Abdul Aziz Al Sumait EST, spokesman of the Ministry of transport, Ministry's survey on the prices of the private sector, but did not get a response.

    Al Bassam, Chairman of the Transportation Committee in the Jeddah Chamber said that large and medium-sized motor witnessed customers in the current period, because it's seasonal use cars customers during vacations. For small cars, said it had recorded a rise in the current season; that its work be year-round. The ' economic ' that the occupancy rate of rental cars in the current period up to 85 per cent, especially in areas like President Jeddah and Dammam and Riyadh, which is an increase of visitors in the holiday season. He said: ' the leasing prices are normal in certain types of cars; many companies have financial commitments are fulfilled, especially with the recent labor market regulations, adding that companies are trying to hire new models annually. But Al-Bassam said, that ' still recorded the lowest prices compared to the Gulf, he said: ' Gulf updated list of car rental pricing, given the developments that have touched the sector, both in terms of higher prices for spare parts or labor.

    He said: ' although Saudi Arabia is the first Gulf State to use modern cars, in addition to the large number; the strong competition of high price '. He was addressing the transportation Ministry to amend list pricing, roof top, but ' unfortunately not available '. He explained that rental prices remain between 90 and 150 riyals to small cars, and between 200 and 400 cars, between 2,500 and 3,500 for the large and luxury cars. He said: ' the Commission addressed the Ministry of transport to consider, to impose strict conditions preserved the rights of all parties, but is not responding, what the loss compounded by traders ', referring to the lack of guarantees the right of an investor from defaulters to pay but to go to court, witch need long periods beyond one year; according to him. 

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