• High prices of 36 investment funds documents in Saudi Arabia yesterday


    High prices of 36 investment funds documents in Saudi Arabia yesterday

    Saudi Investment Funds have seen a disparity in the prices of documents ,as for prices of 36 investment funds,while the prices of four other investment funds documents was reduced according to the report of the Center for «direct information».

    "AMWAL" fund came first with a rise of 2.45 per cent, to close the document price on 28 March, 2010 at 0.6993 dollars against 0.6826 dollars on 24 March 2010. followed by «AlMubarak Fund for Saudi stocks »belongs to  Arab National Bank, up by 2.39 per cent, then in third place came « Assayel »fund belong to AL-Bilad Bank which rose by 2.18 per cent, also  « Global Saudi Shares» with a rise of 1.65 per cent, « Al-Bilad  Real estate» came in fifth place with  a rise of 1.61 per cent.
    While "Al-Bakheet Fund" was the lowest rate with 08 per cent, to close the document prices on 28 March, 2010. Whereas 15.79 per cent of the local funds saw a decline, and 12.50 per cent was retreated of the international bond funds.
    As for the performance of funds by management companies, the prices of 100 documents per cent of AlMustathmer, Rana, Shuaa, Rasmalah, and Hermes.
    Saudi Holandi funds raised by 66.67 per cent, while the prices of documents 50 per cent of funds from the Middle East Financial Investment Company.

    Al-Tawfeeq and Ouda funds shared the increase percentage, As for Samba and Kasb shared the same rate of growth of 20 per cent, up 14.29 per cent .Also 14.29 per cent of Al-Rajhi funds has increased, and 3.70 per cent of Al-Ahli funds increased during that period.

    On the other side,Bakheet and Falcom funds has declined by 66.67 per cent, Al-Jazeerah funds saw rate of decline of 20 per cent during the period, down 14.29 per cent of the funds, HSBC, and 6.67 per cent of the funds of AlHolandi funds.

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