• Dubai shares decline influenced by restrictions on margin lending


    Dubai shares decline influenced by restrictions on margin lending


    Dubai Mercantile Exchange retreated today after the regulator approved amendments to margin lending rules and said it would take tough action on illegal lending. The country shares continued today their gains, followed by Kuwaiti shares that began Tuesday the first meeting of the New Year, supported by the flow of liquidity.
    Dubai retracts. Abu Dhabi holds up
    share prices declined Thursday in the Dubai market on the back of profit-taking after the market's strong rise on the first day of trading in the new year, the market late last week, the General index fell yesterday 0.15 percent at 3467.18 points down from its highest level in five years and the end of last week and dispelled the market gains in early transactions after it recommended brokers by their clients to sell the stock until it is within the margin of the amended regulations.
    Although the amendments to the rules of lending aimed at promoting trading volumes but that the possibility of sanctions for offenders to limit payment of some brokers to cut the margin levels. Traders said that most trades in the Dubai market trading on margin and is now being curtailed. Mohammed Ali Yassin said Managing Director of Abu Dhabi financial services ' low proportions witnessed for margin trading activities. This happens in the short term, as will brokers to increase their capital so they can increase lending. The General index has increased for Abu Dhabi 0.6 percent in the fifth consecutive gain for the session up to the highest levels in five years. The market received support from banks as adcb rose 3.5 percent and Union National Bank 3.9 percent. Some analysts predicted that Abu Dhabi banks announced large dividends in the coming weeks.
    «Kuwait» opens the year risen
     After its recess since mid-last week Kuwait stock exchange opened today the new year trading on a slight rise for the overall index by only 0.02 percent at 7551.13 points, and trading volumes surged significantly which is likely to be high levels of liquidity in the market, the market in the last months of 2013. The value of trades on 16.0 million dinars compared with 17.5 million at the last meeting of the year 2013 the growth of 47.4 percent, as trading volumes rose to 257.1 million shares compared to 163.9 million shares in the previous session by the growth of 56.9 per cent. The shares ' Gulf cement ' in the introduction to the market rises 9.4 percent at 116 penny issued shares ' Petro Gulf oil manufacturing ' list active trading market, it closed lower at 76 cents and the entry of new investors to purchase company stock.
    Manama check the first rise in 2014
     Manama yesterday general index rose slightly up 0.03 percent to close at 1, 248.35 dot, the first gains in the new year after losing in the previous meeting (the first meeting of the new year) worth of trades to 546.8 a, investment and insurance sectors led the gains, with stocks shares ' civil insurance', up 9.63 percent to 0.328 dinar, issued ' Salam ' shares list of the most active stock in terms of value and value volume Trading reached 505.9 thousand dinars and trading volume totaled 3.69 million shares. 
    Doha continue their gains
    continued SDM gains today initiated by the beginning of the new year trading late last week, to close Friday at index up 1.13 percent to 89.47 points at 10664.16 points to raise earnings in 2014 and by two to 2.74 percent with investors to create positions for dividends, with regional investors preferred stock dividend season country because it's among the top stock distribution in the region. Market trades increased strikingly, with trading value exceed 900 million riyals compared to 330.7 million in the previous session and saw a marked improvement after liquidity levels exceeded 900 million compared with 117.95 million, as trading volume rose to 13 million shares compared with 7.77 million shares. And market shares ' gains investors ' by 9.89 percent to close at 32.8.
    Muscat profit
     in the General index climbed yesterday by 0.14 percent to close at 6899.14 points, with the support of the industry which closed at 0.47 percent, with values and volumes of trades marked decline yesterday and was trading of 22.8 million shares compared to 31.89 million shares in the previous session, as trading value fell to 9.4 million compared to $ 11.4 million, which is likely to occur for a profit in the market. The shares ' investment ' in the East by the high equity ratio of 2.92 per cent at $ 0.282, with the shares ' investment ' in the city by retreating shares rose 2.94 percent at 0.132, issued shares ' AAIT ' most active stock and closed up 1.54 percent at 0.396.

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