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       Traders in the Saudi stock market are looking to change the price units for securities today and their impact on trading this week.
    The new procedure will reduce the value of the current price change units and add new price ranges in a move to increase trading and reduce the difference between the bid and demand prices in the order log.
    Analysts in the Saudi stock market expected a decline in speculation in the stock market, pointing out that the current levels of the index enhance the entry of investment liquidity in the market.
    "The continued trading in the stock market requires the continuation of the movement of the index at the current level with further rise, because the decline of the index will reflect negatively on speculation and reduce until the index to a certain level imposes a suspension of speculation at the present time, which opens the door for investors to enter .
    Al Shamari stressed that the retract in the index is normal in light of the current conditions experienced by the market due to several factors, the first is the reluctance of the majority of speculators to speculate for their occupation and travel during the vacation period and second investors are waiting for appropriate levels to enter the market and the third factor is enough of the majority of traders to collect to take advantage of prices during this period The market returns to normal after Eid Al Fitr.
    He stressed that the index will not exceed the barrier of 7000 points during the month of Ramadan due to the delay of investors and control of speculators of the movement of the index, which will affect the speculation directly, indicating that liquidity requires the circulation of investors more than speculators, especially those who have a negative impact on liquidity due to the entry and exit of liquidity Investors' entry is now out of the question and will continue until the index reaches specific areas that allow investors to coincide with a period of many external stimuli as well as the return of travelers after summer vacation.
    Hossam Al Ghamdi, a stock market analyst, said: "It is important to have communicatation between listed companies, regulators and investors to raise the level of transparency.
    Al Ghamdi added that governance and marketing are important factors to attract investors in the Saudi stock market. They contribute to enhancing investor confidence in the market and activating best practices in the field of investor relations to enhance the efficiency and attractiveness of the market, in addition to external incentives. These include diversifying sources of income, joining Morgan Stanley and attracting foreign investments. Oil prices and improving the investment environment.
    "The Capital Market Authority will begin to change the price units for the Saudi market in conjunction with a period in which the market is still in the region of Hira," said Salman al-Shamari, a stock market analyst. "The measures, regulations and laws that will be adopted will certainly benefit the stock market and investors.

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