• 26 special deals on local shares in a day of 90.8 million riyals


    The Saudi stock market witnessed the implementation of 26 special deals during yesterday's trading, at a value of 90.8 million riyals, on 3.47 million shares made on several companies listed in the main market.
    The largest deals on Al-Rajhi Bank came with a value of 8.9 million riyals at 59.3 riyals per share, while Maaden reached 6.8 million riyals at 37.2 riyals per share, while Etisalat reached 6.57 million riyals at 23.28 riyals per share​.

    As for Safco, it amounted to 6.3 million riyals at 66.6 riyals per share, the Arab 6.04 million riyals at 23.4 riyals per share, the Savola Group 5.4 million riyals at 31.4 riyals per share, and Al-Hokair 4.09 million riyals at 26.7 riyals per share.
    While the current value of Yansab Company amounted to 3.9 million riyals for the price of 46.35 riyals per share, while Petrochem reached 3.35 million riyals at 21.6 riyals per share, and tenth deals on "Maaden" with a value of 3.5 million riyals at 41.7 riyals per share.
    And the Saudi market closed in the green areas at the level of 8140 points, up 28 points, while the current liquidity reached about 3.38 billion riyals, which was traded by about 160.4 million shares, before the closing auction period.
    The Saudi stock market recorded during the past year 2019 the implementation of 2.3 thousand special deals worth 54.3 billion riyals, with a number of shares amounting to 1.38 billion shares​.
    And the deals that took place during the year 2019 are the largest since the beginning of the announcement of the special deals in 2011, noting that they did not include the deals executed on the real estate funds traded units.
    The value of special deals increased during the year 2019 by about 443 percent compared to the year 2018 of about ten billion riyals, as the value of special deals at that time recorded the lowest annual level since 2011. The value of special deals during 2019 amounted to about 33 percent of the total deals that took place in Market history of 164.8 billion riyals.

    *Economic Reports Unit​

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