• 21.1% is China and India’s share of Saudi non-oil exports in 2018



    *Majed Al-Khalidi from Riyadh


    China and India accounted for 21.1 percent of Saudi Arabia's total non-oil exports of 236.07 billion riyals during the last year 2018, which amounted to 49.83 billion riyals of which 36.46 billion to China and 13.36 billion riyals to India.

    Saudi non-oil exports consist of locally produced or manufactured goods or industrial processes, as well as exports of foreign goods known as re-exports.


    According to the analysis of the reports' unit in the newspaper AlEqtisadiah, Saudi Arabia's non-oil exports to China and India grew by 46.4 percent in 2018, and equivalent to about 15.78 billion riyals.

     It was about 34.04 billion riyals in 2017, equivalent of 17.6 percent.

    Saudi Arabia's non-oil exports to China grew by 56.4 percent in 2018, equivalent to about 13.15 billion riyals, and reaching SR 36.46 billion, compared to SR 23.3 billion in 2017.

    While the same exports to India during the period increased by 24.5 per cent, equivalent to 2.63 billion riyals, which amounted to about 13.36 billion riyals compared to about 10.73 billion riyals in 2017.


    China and India are among the top five countries exporting non-oil exports to Saudi Arabia in 2018, followed by the UAE and Singapore, as well as Belgium.

    Non-oil exports of Saudi Arabia grew by 22% to SR 42.59 billion in 2018, amounting to SR 236.07 billion, compared to 193.47 billion riyals for the year 2017.


    * Economic Reports Unit​

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