• Riyadh Development Authority-scale urban divide into 3 phases


    During the next 15 years

     Riyadh Development Authority-scale urban divide into 3 phases


    the Riyadh development authority Endorsed the Division of urban scale in the capital over the next 15 years in three phases, the (stage of urban development until the year 1440 e (f) phase of urban development until the year 1445) and (urban development phase up to the year 1450 a.h.) and the controls associated with each stage. The commission revealed, that capital's borders urban development phase until the year 1435, still contains many construction schemes were developed and are available on the networks of public facilities, in addition to the availability of this phase of the band, unplanned land not developed yet, that will accommodate most of the projected increase in population expected to the year 1450.
    This action to reduce urban fragmentation of the city, and development within specific geographical, urban environment are interrelated, focused growth, provide public services and utilities in specific time periods. The supreme body, revealed that space flight physical development of the city until 1435 e reached 2395 km2 for an area equivalent in 1450 by 3115 km 2, God, and hit space key uses, developed in the city are currently 1297 km2, occupies the residential use of the largest proportion of 30 per cent.
    Commission, showed that the population of the city of Riyadh, the year 1434 5.7 million, and is expected to reach by the year 1450 to 8.3 million, while the number of housing units in the city of Riyadh 960,000 units, and is expected to reach in 1450 to 1 470 million units. The supreme commission straightened for the Riyadh urban range, split phase of future urban development in the city to three stages, in the light of the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 157 in 1425, the regulations issued by the Ministry of municipal and Rural Affairs in 1429. Commission study conducted in preparation of Riyadh Municipality, Saudi electricity company, the national water company, to review and assess the scope and trends of policies developed during the period since the adoption of the scale of City urban place Cabinet in 2007 to date, to identify the next three phases of urban development of the city of Riyadh, and controls associated with each stage.

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