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Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani8/11/2020 9:41 PMA Saudi optimism about the growth of Asian demand raises oil prices ... and an Iraqi pledge to reduce production
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani8/10/2020 9:53 PMSaudi stocks exceed 7,500 points, the highest level in 5 months
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani8/5/2020 10:05 PM"The American Rocky" in a crisis .. 23 companies in debt by 30 billion dollars
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani7/23/2020 1:28 PM13.26 billion riyals of trading in shares of companies with accumulated losses in the second quarter
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani7/22/2020 10:05 PMDespite the decline in liquidity. Saudi stocks return above the level of 7400 points
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani7/21/2020 10:39 PMGold jumps to the highest level since September 2011... Silver records a 4-year high
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani7/19/2020 10:26 PMReal estate market activity decreased 9.4% for the second consecutive week
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani7/9/2020 4:29 PMGold consolidates above the level of $ 1800 with the continued impact of "Corona"
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani7/8/2020 10:35 PMNEOM: $ 5 billion to build the largest green hydrogen project in the world
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani7/7/2020 9:52 PMCitibank: Global stocks will be in place for a year .. Keeping “American” is a risky
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani7/6/2020 10:09 PMCorona changes the map of trillion companies .. rose to 5 and the top left for "Aramco" by 1.75 trillion dollars
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani7/5/2020 9:14 PMThe Gulf petrochemical sector expects a recovery in the third quarter with improved demand prospects
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani7/2/2020 10:58 PMThe Saudi market ends its session in the Green Zone despite the reduction in gains
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani7/1/2020 4:12 PMUS stocks fall due to "Coved-19" and tensions with China
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani7/1/2020 3:38 AM1.86 trillion riyals of bank deposits in the Kingdom .. grew for the fourth month with "free" support
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani6/29/2020 9:40 PMSaudi reserve assets abroad rise to 1.685 trillion riyals by the end of May
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani6/28/2020 9:58 PM"OPEC": a significant improvement in demand in the second half ... and 2021 year, price recovery
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani6/25/2020 9:41 PMGold is dropping from the highest level in 8 years
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani6/24/2020 1:36 PM313.3 billion riyals, the value of the portfolio of the investment fund in Saudi stocks ... 3.77% of the market
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani6/23/2020 7:46 PMThe highest level of gold in a month .. The growing risk of the virus supports demand and falls in dollars
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani6/22/2020 7:54 PM622 billion riyals in sales of wholesale and retail companies in Saudi Arabia in 2019 ... increased by 4.3%
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani6/21/2020 2:35 PMThe numbers of fixed income fund subscribers in Saudi Arabia jump 355% .. the highest in 11 years
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani6/11/2020 9:04 PMGold declines due to profit taking after a rally driven by the US central expectations
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani6/10/2020 4:05 PMSaudi investments in renewable energy increase by 53% during 2019 ... its uses are expanding globally
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani6/9/2020 9:25 PMThe largest economies of the world's stock markets near the levels before the "Corona" .. some of which exceeded by about 6%
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani6/8/2020 9:46 PMSaudi stocks rise 60 points with the return of purchasing activity .. and liquidity at 4.3 billion riyals
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani6/6/2020 9:05 PMWithin 45 days .. "Brent" jumped 165%, exceeding $ 42, and "American" 293%
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani6/4/2020 8:18 PMSaudi stocks lose 62 points, with almost collective pressure on sectors ... and liquidity falls to 5.7 billion riyals
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani6/3/2020 6:21 PMThe Saudi market ends the chain of gains and closes on a marginal decline
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani6/2/2020 3:26 PMFalling dollar gives support for gold prices .. Riots in American cities shake investor confidence
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