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Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani2/21/2021 5:19 PMThe bond and sukuk market trading in Saudi Arabia rose 17% in January, amounting to 3.1 billion riyals
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani2/17/2021 5:15 PMThe highest price in 13 months ... Oil is about $ 64
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani2/16/2021 5:15 PMOil is at its highest level in 13 months .. The stimulus supports market sentiment and demand hopes
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani2/14/2021 5:07 PMWorld oil consumption is a candidate for the fastest rise since the 1970s
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani2/11/2021 6:00 PMBrent is holding above 61 dollars and a decline in American inventories
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani2/10/2021 4:25 PMStocks jump 83 points ... and the index is at 8892
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani2/8/2021 5:01 PMAfter 3 years of decline, car prices are rising in Saudi Arabia for the second year in a row
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani2/7/2021 6:21 PMA sudden decrease in the weekly real estate market activity ... 28.8%
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani2/4/2021 4:00 PM$ 8.53 trillion in foreign exchange reserves for the 10 largest countries ... Saudi Arabia is in seventh place
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani2/3/2021 6:13 PMSaudi Arabia gets the third lowest yield of 40 dollar bonds in the market
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani2/2/2021 4:52 PM1.94 trillion riyals of bank deposits in Saudi Arabia by the end of 2020 ... the highest growth rate in 6 years
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani2/1/2021 4:09 PMThe fluctuation of oil markets after the renewed closures .. a crisis facing the "Canadian sand"
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/31/2021 4:05 PMOPEC: Oil and gas will lead the global energy mix with a 50% share by 2045
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/28/2021 11:02 PMThe Investment Fund raises government capital spending to 251 billion riyals, the highest since 2018
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/27/2021 4:38 PMDespite the control of the uncertainty on the markets .. 4 factors restore oil prices to rise
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/26/2021 1:39 PMSaudi stocks are returning to rise with the announcement of the investment fund strategy ... and liquidity is at 5.6 billion riyals
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/25/2021 4:17 PMA slight increase in oil: "Brent" $ 55.3 and "American" $ 52.4
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/24/2021 3:52 PMThe weekly activity of the real estate market improved to 3.7 billion riyals
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/21/2021 3:00 PMSaudi Arabia’s share of 52.5% of Arab countries ’investments in US bonds
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/20/2021 1:00 PMGold is gaining as the dollar weakens on expectations of US stimulus
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/19/2021 3:15 PMWith the support of the leading stocks, the Saudi market rose to its highest level since July 2019
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/14/2021 8:43 PM97.7 billion riyals, a market value added to the IBOX Tadawul Government Sukuk Index during 2020
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/13/2021 12:42 PMA slight increase in Saudi stocks, with attention shifting to the results of companies ... and liquidity at 8.6 billion riyals
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/12/2021 11:44 AM361 billion riyals is the amount of the Saudi services sector ... its contribution to the economy rose to 54.5%
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/10/2021 8:53 PMA strong start to the year for Saudi bonds denominated in euro .. turnout is 19 points away from the zero interest
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/7/2021 10:42 PMSaudi stocks fell slightly by 11 points ... The index is trading on a sideways path for more than a month
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/5/2021 10:15 PMThe Gulf economy is the 13th in the world with a output of $ 1.64 trillion, 48% for Saudi Arabia
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/4/2021 12:19 PM30.2 billion riyals was the size of the construction sector during the third quarter ... 4.9% of the Saudi economy
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani1/3/2021 12:52 PMSaudi stocks recorded in 2020 the second longest streak in its history ... and the highest liquidity since 2014
Boshra Saeed M. Alzahrani12/31/2020 12:40 PMSaudi stocks ... Trading with high frequencies requires high growth in corporate profitability
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