• Using technology and upgrading security, and the importance of having cameras to monitor roads and public places



    Dear/ subscribers of the Chamber


    Asharqia Chamber presents its best greetings to you, and would like to inform you of receiving the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (L / L / 93) dated 9/1 / 1440, which referred to the letter of Public Transport Authority (03551-39-001) dated (1/1/1440) that attached in the cable of His Royal Highness the Minister of Interior No. 173467 dated 23/7/1439, which is directed to the Minister of Transport on using technology to upgrade security, the importance of having cameras to monitor roads, public places, facilities and places of gatherings, and the urgent need to accelerate deployment and installation, which will have an effective impact on the maintenance of security and preservation of public and private property and contribute to the fight against crime.


    It includes the guidance of His Highness the Prime Minister to entrust the need to confirm the existence of surveillance cameras covering all roads, fuel stations, and means of transport that fall under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport, or its affiliates, with an urgent plan for the installation of surveillance cameras in all roads and facilities and means Transport where there are no cameras currently, in addition to the approval of the installation of security surveillance cameras within the requirements and specifications and conditions of all new roads and transport projects, as well as under construction projects, or within O & M contracts, both inside and outside the cities, with the obligation to transfer their data to the security authorities, and that the cameras shall be in accordance with the technical conditions and specifications approved by the website of the Ministry of the Interior.


    In case of inquiry, please contact HE Colonel Khalid Bin Sulaiman Al Hadithi on Mobile No. 0502204002​

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