• Updates the mandatory list of national products


    ​Gentlemen/ Members of the Chamber


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it has received the letter from the Federation of Saudi Chambers No. (44104433) and the date (10/24/1444 AH), in which reference is made to the letter of the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority No. (205-44-005953) and the date (10/12/1444 AH), This includes updating the authority’s mandatory list of national products, ​updating the medicine and medical preparations sector by adding (123 products) and updating the food and agricultural products sector by adding (40 products), so that the number of products included in the mandatory list of national products for each sector is as follows:

    ​No​Sector ​Products​NoSector​Products​
    ​1​Construction​145​7​Chemicals used for water treatment​15
    ​2​Medicines and medical preparations287​​8​Furniture​13
    3​​Medical supplies​200​9​Equipment and personal and household supplies​11
    ​4​Food and agricultural products​68​10​Paper consumer products4​
    ​5​Artistical works​8​11​Cyber security​8
    ​6​Hygiene consumables​13​12​Information technology​9

    As of (10/13/1444 AH) corresponding to (3/5/2023 AD) for the pharmaceutical and medical preparations sector, and from (11/18/1444 AH) corresponding to (5/28/2023 AD) for the food and agricultural products sector.

    Accordingly, the federation hopes to confirm the follow-up of what happens to the list in terms of continuous updating through the authority’s website (https://lcgpa.gov.sa), and for more information, you can contact the unified call center in the authority through the number (19915), or mail Email (mandatorylist@lcgpa.gov.sa).​



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