• To lift the temporary ban imposed on the import of meat of bovine species, sheep, goats refrigerated and frozen products


    The Chamber presents its compliments, this is to inform you that we received a letter from food and drug authority (21622/(ب(ص)containing the report that based on reports from the world Organization for animal health (OIE) that the Republic of Sudan is free from Rift Valley fever, rinderpest, and the recommendation of the technical team which visited the Republic of the Sudan is to lift the moratorium on the import of beef and lamb and beef breed goats refrigerated and frozen products, has issued resolution No. (65/35) dated (17/5/1435) to lift the moratorium on the import of meat of species Beef, lamb and goat chilled and frozen products from the Republic of the Sudan approved from the commission only.
    Facilitiesaccredited to theGeneral Authority forFood and Drug Administrationin the Republic ofSudanto exportmeatto the Kingdom

    registration number
    based products
    Established nameand address
    platoonmeatof bovine, sheep, goats,chilled and frozen
    Al Jazeeraglobal meat–Gemco
    Alpagr,Gezira State,Sudan
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