• Those wishing to export to the Djiboutian market to communicate with the Committee to present their wishes


                 Asharqia Chamber presents its greetings and informs you of the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers
    No. (108) date (12/1/1439), referring to the letter of the Saudi Export Development Authority (Saudi Exports) No. (1397) date (6/1/1439), referring to the Supreme approval No. (51981) 10/11/1438), to hold the meetings of the second session of the mutual Saudi-Djibouti Committee during the fourth quarter of 2017 in Riyadh, and the existing coordination of the holding of this committee during the period 2 - 3/4/1439 20 - 21/12/2017, Export to the Djibouti market in cooperation with the Committee to present their wishes and export challenges facing them until they are discussed during the mentioned committee. Interested parties can send their information on the mail Looney TF@saudiexports.sa include the following:

    Facility information (name, sector, location).
    Information of its representatives (name, contact number, e-mail).
    Desired products and services exported.
    Export challenges to Djibouti.

    Therefore, those interested should contact Mr. Salman bin Ali Al Badah, Director of Trade Facilitation Department, tel. 0118742023 e-mail salbadah@saudiexports.sa

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