• Submitting the vehicle supply plan for the year 2023 AD within the specified time frame


    Gentlemen/Car agents and importers​ ​


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it has received the letter from the Federation of Saudi Chambers No. (44104268) and the date (10/14/1444 AH), in which reference is made to the letter of the Ministry of Commerce No. (34367) and the date (10/7/1444 AH),​ Referring to the letter of His Excellency the Governor of the Saudi Organization for Standardization, Metrology, and Quality No. (4375) and dated (9/15/1444 AH), in which reference is made to Saudi Standard No. (2864) regarding the Saudi Standard for Fuel Economy (SAUDI CAEF) for light vehicles added to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2021-2023 AD), which stipulates in Item No. (6-1-1-2) that: “Vehicle manufacturers must submit their plan for supplying vehicles for each cycle Application coming to the Ministry of Commerce, at least (3) months before the start of the course. Using the electronic program for the average fuel economy standard for companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as stipulated in Item No. (6-1-1-5) of the specification: "If the vehicle manufacturer does not submit a supply plan within the permitted time frame, the company will not be allowed to The manufacturer of the vehicles involved in the supply of vehicles to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia until it submits the vein plan for review and approval by the Ministry of Commerce (or whoever it delegates to do so, such as the Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency or the Fuel Economy Committee).​

    The vehicle manufacturer concerned will be responsible for any delay that occurs in its commercial activities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and since (21) vehicle manufacturers did not commit to submitting the supply plan within the specified time frame, within the specified time frame, to coordinate efforts with the relevant government agencies, the Ministry wishes the concerned companies to submit a supply plan for the year 2023 AD and at the latest at the end of the current year. This list will be published in the electronic portal for energy efficiency (www.sls.gov.sa), or via the rapid response code. (QR) below, and it will be updated periodically based on the companies' responses, starting from April 2023. 

    For more information and to view the list, you can visit the Chamber's website: (www.chamber.org.sa).



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