• Stressing the obligation to the requirements by the sale of liquid petroleum gas cylinders


             Asharqia Chamber presents its regards and informs you of the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (No. 627) date 19/2/1439, and referred to the letter of the Ministry of Trade and Investment No. 9349 date 18/2/1439 on the issuance of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 52 date 20/1/1431, 1439), in which the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Trade and Investment - each in its own right - decided to sell liquid petroleum gas cylinders by complying with the requirements and requirements issued in respect of improving this service and developing the sites of these shops and their external appearance, as well as allowing companies operating fuel stations and central markets to invest In the sale of liquid petroleum cylinders after fulfilling the necessary license

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