• Requiring carriers to put passenger data on their luggage


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    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it has received the letter from the Federation of Saudi Chambers No. (44101147) dated (23/3/1444 AH), regarding the letter of the Public Transport Authority No. (1/44/2904) dated (20/3/1444 AH), and attached to Telegram of His Excellency the Governor of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority No. (30259/1/1443) dated (17/10/1443 AH), regarding what the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority is doing in reviewing the procedures related to its competence and developing them at land customs ports to facilitate and improve the movement of travelers in line with the vision of The Kingdom 2030 AD, and the Security Strategy for the Authority’s Objectives, And that from the principle of improving the journey of travelers through land ports, the competent authority in the authority has worked in coordination with the Passports to establish a hall to receive passengers arriving by buses, in which passports and inspection procedures are completed, and that it is required to inform the carriers of the obligation to put passengers’ data on their luggage, to ensure a better presentation services for travelers, and closing any security gaps that can be exploited for smuggling, bearing in mind that a fine for violating customs procedures will be imposed on non-compliants in accordance with Paragraph (6) of Article (31)From the executive regulations of the customs system for the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, and its explanatory memorandum approved by Royal Decree No. (41/m) and dated (3/11/1423 AH), and his Excellency requested to instruct those who are required to confirm that public transport companies abide by the instructions, and where the authority wishes to inform Facilities for transporting passengers by buses to and from outside the Kingdom are obligatory to put passengers’ data on their luggage, to avoid violating the articles of the above-mentioned regulation.​ 

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