• Postpone the full version of export food products validity certificates of transfer functions


    The EastChamberpresents its compliments,this is to inform you that we received a letter from theCouncil of Saudi Chambersnumber(ش.غ/ 640) dated(02/24/1436e),referreditto theletter, Undersecretary of theMinistry ofTrade and IndustryConsumerNo.Affairs(267/9/1/773/ع)dated(02/18/1436e)referredittothe approval ofthe Minister of Commerceand Industryon therecommendations contained in the"Minutes"transferissuingtasksand renewexportof food productssigned between theMinistryand the General Authorityforfood and Drug Administrationandthe judgemovedonthe validity ofcertificates(01/02/1436AH)and taking into accountthe interests ofexportershas been agreedbetween the Ministry andthe General Authority forfood and Drug Administrationon(03/02/1436H)to postpone thefulltransfer ofexportfood productsand renewal ofthe validity ofcertificatesissuedby the ministryfunctionsto the GeneralAuthority forfood and Drug Administrationuntil the date(23/02/1436e)continuedThe ministryissuedandrenewedby that date.​

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