• Operation and maintenance manuals for these devices and equipment in maintenance work


    the EastChamberpresents its compliments,this is to inform you that we received the letter from the Council of Saudi Chambersnumber(ش.غ/ 641) dated(02/24/1436e),  referreditto theletter, Undersecretary of theMinistry of HealthEngineeringAffairsnumber(489 960) dated(18/02/1436AH)referredittothe Ministry's projects, which areequipped withmedical equipmentanddevicesand non-medical(electrical and mechanical).
    Given the importance ofthe operatingand maintenance manualsfor these devicesand equipment in themaintenance andpreservation, as well astrainingon theoperationand that's wherethesebrochuresdeliveredto the ministryat theend of the project, but henoteditin English onlywiththe contractprovided for theEnglish and Arabic.
    the Councilhopesfrom responsible personthattheoperation and maintenance manualsin bothcontractsasdescribedby the ministry.​

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