• Offering a land for contributions, northeast of Jeddah, located in the Jeddah Governorate


    Gentlemen/ Real estate sector​


    ​Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it has received the letter of the Real Estate General Authority No. (459) and the date (1/2/1444 AH), in which reference is made to the contribution of North East Jeddah belonging to / Al-Maqoshi and Al-Khulaifi Real Estate Investment Company and built on the land with the deed number (82026012519) On (20/5/1435), And the deed numbered (820214027389) dated (7/5/1440), which is considered by the Real Estate Contributions Committee.

    And based on Cabinet Resolution No. (130) dated (7/5/1429 AH) to form the Real Estate Contributions Committee, and Cabinet Resolution No. (48) dated 14/2/1430 AH, approving the working mechanism of the Real Estate Contributions Committee, and the Council of Ministers’ decision Ministers No. (297) and dated (7/13/1435 AH) Modify the working mechanism of the Committee on Real Estate Contributions, as the Committee is in the process of selling contributing land.

    Within the framework of the interest of the Real Estate Contributions Committee (liquidation) and its desire to develop a joint role with chambers of commerce and real estate committees, and to give greater opportunity to real estate marketers to participate in the marketing of the land of the contributions on which the Committee works. 

    You can find on the following link (https://2u.pw/Y3qaH) or the barcode below the details of the competition presented on the (Forsa) platform, for those who wish to real estate marketers to submit their offer to set up the advertising and marketing campaign for the sale of the shareholding land.​


    Sincerely yours


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