• Non-approval of advertising on public taxis and other vehicles from outside


    ​Dear/ subscribers of the Chamber


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best greetings, and would like to inform you of receiving the letter of the Director General of the Eastern Region Traffic No. (212237) dated 27/11 / 1439 on what has been observed in the presence of large numbers of vehicles for companies, institutions and establishments that put advertisements, whether on their own vehicles, transport vehicles or buses, which is contrary to the decision of the Council of Ministers No. (6034 / m) dated (4/7/1430) that forbid advertising on public taxis and other vehicles from outside that in order to ensure compliance with regulations and instructions in this regard.


    The working team has completed a record containing several recommendations, namely the removal of advertising placed on these vehicles, whether this advertising in the form of posters or drawings or writing or any other means that show a particular product, no later than (20/12/1439).


    The Traffic Department of the Eastern Region would like to confirm the obligation of not putting advertising posters on these vehicles so as not to be subject to the application of the punishment prescribed in the Traffic Regulations in terms of financial fines or holding the vehicle with the fine and that traffic departments will control the violating vehicles as of the date (1/1/1440).​

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