• National Transformation Program (2020) according to the consumer rights Initiative, to hold a workshop was held



    Peace and blessings

            Asharqia Chamber presents its best regards and informs you of the receipt of the letter of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment No. 30411 date 16/6/1438, which includes the Ministry intention within the National Transformation Program (2020) and in accordance with the initiative consumer rights (17/16 / 1438) a workshop titled "Commercial Agencies System" on 2/3/1431- 30/3/2017 in the Ministry headquarters.

    Those wishing to participate in the workshop should provide the Ministry with the names of the participants in coordination with Mr. Saleh Al Rashed, Director of the Department of Awareness at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (0500640706)- (0114012222), (2241), e-mail: smrashed@mci.gov.sa

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