• Lifting of the temporary ban on the import of hatching eggs and chicks of the Kingdom of Belgium


    the EastChamberpresents its compliments,This is to inform you that we received a letter from the council of SaudiChambers number(ش.غ/ 942) dated(23/03/1436),referreditto theletter ofthe Ministry of Agriculturenumber(121 575) dated(03/10/1436e)including theapprovalhis Excellency the Ministeron the report ofthe Sauditechnical teamwhichvisitedthe Kingdom of Belgiumfor theveterinaryhealth status,and the possibility ofexport ofhatching eggsandchicksofthe Kingdom of Belgium.
         TheBoard wishesto benefitthe issuance ofthe Ministry of AgricultureResolution No. (117 743) dated(03/09/1436e)to liftthe temporary banonthe import ofhatching eggsandchicksofthe Kingdom of Belgium.​

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