• Impose a temporary ban on poultry meat imports from Italy


    The EastChamber presents itscompliments, this is to inform you that we received a letter from theCouncil of Saudi Chambersnumber(ش.غ/ 867) dated(16/03/1436)referredto theletter ofthe General Authority forFood and Drugnumber(8477/ع) dated(09/03/1436)containingto report thatbased on theWorld Organization for AnimalHealthreport(OIE)number(16768) and the date(24/02/1436e)and approved(16/12/2014), whobenefit theemergence ofbird fluhighvirulenceof thestrain(H5N8)in thearea(VENETO)inItaly,ithasissuedthe Authority's decisionNo. (40/36) dated(30/02/1436e)statingto imposea temporaryban on the importof poultry meatandeggsand their productsandprocessedarea(VENETO)in Italy.​

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