• Hair care product containing called "Al-Wasama or Al-Hilwat"


    ​Gentlemen / Importers and distributors of herbal products


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it has received the letter of the Council of the Saudi Chamber No. (42103395) and the date (4/24/1442), a reference to the letter of the Food and Drug General Authority No. (23610 / p) and the date (20/8/1442) It does not include that a hair care product named "Al-Wasama or Al-Hilwat​" contains a high percentage of bacteria and fungi that exceeded the maximum permissible level as impurities in the list of safety requirements for cosmetics and personal care products No. (SFDA.CO/GSO 1943: 2016), as exposure to levels of A high level of bacteria and fungi may cause health risks to the consumer, and because of the importance of emphasizing all establishments that engage in the activity of dealing in cosmetic products, preventing the sale of the indicated product and returning it to its suppliers, as well as the importers and distributors of the product, to withdraw it from sales outlets and warehouses and coordinate with the authority - the operations sector - to destroy it to avoid issuance p​unishments against them.​

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