• Do not link the traffic violations with the service provided to them


    Asharqia Chamber presents its best greetings to you, and would like to inform you of receiving the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (L / L / 35) dated 3/1 / 1440, which was attached with the letter of the Public Transport Authority No. (05630/39/001) dated 26/11/1439, which pointed out that the Authority received many requests from investors in various land transport activities, including not to link the violations of the transfer with the services provided to them such as the service of (deleting / dropping / modifying the type of registration) of the vehicles, as they can convert the type of vehicle registration, and then sell and pay the value of violations of the proceeds of those vehicles.


    After studying the subject and presenting it to the Chairman of the Transport Authority, His Excellency agreed and grant a six-month period as if (11/11/1439) for licensed establishments and individuals to engage in all road transport activities to obtain the services referred to above without being obliged to pay for the violations registered with them (if any) with the Authority retaining the right to demand payment of the value of the violations when applying for any other transport services related to the licenses or permits granted to them.​

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