• Course entitled Fundamentals of Internal Audit, and the practice of internal audit


    The Chamber presents its compliments , this is to inform you that we received a letter from the Saudi society for internal auditors (No. 296/1) dated (25/12/1435 ), containing the Assembly established under Council of Ministers resolution No. (84) dated (25/3/1432) ^ (28/2/2011) as the professional association operating under the Ministry of trade and industry, and aim to develop the internal audit profession in Saudi Arabia, and the establishment of various activities and specialized in the audit and professional courses designed to train and develop staff and internal audit services in the public and private sectors in Arabic Saudi Arabia.
         In this connection, we wish to inform the Assembly's intention to set up special courses to prepare for the certified internal auditor (CIA), certified in the eastern region to support and promote the region's internal audit staff to attend and benefit from the sessions, the Assembly will hold its first session in the region to address the fundamentals of internal auditing, the internal audit practice from 1 – 26/2/1436 e) ^ (23/11/2014-18/12/2014), you can communicate with the Coordinating Director training and Development Association Mr. Abdullah Al-jasser (0559536258), (abdullahj@iia.org.sa).​

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