• Bottled water products produced by local factories, some imported, and their statements, pictures, and signs were placed on their explanatory card


                Asharqia Chamber presents its regards and informs you of the letter of the SFDA No. (6378 ) date 10/2/1439 , which includes the continuous monitoring of the food products that are imported, produced and marketed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and verified their compliance with the requirements of technical regulations and approved standard specifications, In order to ensure the health and safety of the consumer and to ensure the provision of correct and misleading information o f food labels, it was noticed in the local markets that there are bottled water products produced by local factories and some of them imported. And children, which do not meet the requirements of technical regulations and approved standard specifications, as well as contravening international legislation that states that there is no need to use water intended for the preparation of infant and child food.

    Based on the duties and responsibilities of the Authority and in the interest of the public, and to preserve the national capital and to avoid the exposure of food products to refuse and not allowed to enter, sell or trade in the Kingdom because of non-compliance with technical regulations and approved standards, so the SFDA hopes of all importers and manufacturers within The Kingdom of Bottled Water shall not allow the placing of words, images, marks or any logo on bottled water bottles and cards as a sign of the allocation of such water to infants and children, in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations and specifications. Seah Saudi / Gulf, including:
    GSO 9 "Packaged Food Labels".
    GSO 1025 "Bottled Water".
    GSO 2232 "Bottled Drinking Water Card".

    The Authority will give them a period of six months from the date of issuance of this Circular to correct their situation and will prevent the display, circulation and production of bottled water marked with any impersonations, images or phrases intended for infants and children.


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