• Allow workers in institutions and companies excluded from the curfew


    ​Dears/Members of the Chamber 


    ​Asharqia Chamber presents you with the best regards and informs you that we have received the circular of the Council of Saudi Chambers based on the circular of the Ministry of Commerce on the special royal order to prevent evening touring, which began from 28 Rajab 1441 corresponding to 23 March 2020, for a period of twenty-one days with the exception of some vital and important sectors shown below, And the necessity of granting institutions and companies that are excluded from the curfew and their employees.

    ​Activities excluded from the curfew:

    First: The vital activities excluded from the curfew:​

    ​1-The food sector (points of sale) such as catering, supermarkets, vegetable and poultry shops, meat, bakeries, factories, and food factories.

    2-The health sector, such as pharmacies and the like, medical clinics (dispensaries), hospitals, laboratories, factories, factories, materials, and medical devices.
    3-The media sector in its various aspects.
    4-The transportation sector, such as transporting goods, parcels, customs clearance, warehouses, warehouses, logistics services, supply chains for the health sector, the food sector, and port operations.​
    5-E-commerce activities such as those working in electronic procurement applications for the excluded activities and those working in the delivery applications of the excluded activities.
    6-Accommodation services activities such as hotels and furnished apartments.

    7-The energy sector as fuel stations and emergency services for the electric company.
    8-The financial services and insurance sector, such as direct accidents (Najm), urgent health insurance services (approvals), and other insurance services.
    9-The telecom sector as internet and network operators.
    10-The water sector such as an emergency services company for water service and potable water supply for drinking houses​.

    Second: Allowing movement at the time of the curfew for security, military and health care, government regulatory services vehicles and activity vehicles excluded in item (first).

    Third: Enabling the use of delivery through smart device applications (express delivery services) during curfew, to request food and medicinal needs and other essential goods and services that are excluded and delivered to homes.

    Accordingly, the Chamber assures the participants of the institutions and companies that practice the economic activities described above and are covered by the exception, on the need to give your workers a statement (scene) according to the attached form, and we also inform you that the Chamber will validate this scene through the Chamber's electronic services platform through the link (www.chamber.org.sa​)

    And private-sector establishments with non-exceptional activities that see the importance of excluding their activities can apply to this via the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development website (mlsd.gov.sa) to perform its role in coordination with the competent authorities.​

    Sincerely regard​

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