• Activating the supervisory role of the Commission on medicines and herbal preparations cosmetic


    The Chamber presents its compliments , this is to inform you that we receive the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (No.ش.غ/2997) dated (5/11/1435 ), referred to a Saudi food and drug authority (No. 39960/(ع(ص)dated (28/10/1435) containing a reference to the system of food and drug authority issued by Royal Decree No. (م/6) dated (25/1/1428), which ensures that all regulatory and operational tasks and controls necessary to achieve its purposes and objectives to be achieved, and a message body to ensure the safety of a drug's effectiveness, Continuing the activation of the oversight role of the medicines and herbal beauty through the inspection of warehouses of medicines.      The Commission hopes to see the blog published on the website (www.sfda.gov.sa/ar/drug/resources/pages/GuidesPages.aspx), in view of the desire of the Commission to give an opportunity to all warehouses for repositioning and abide by the code above will be given 180 days from the date of their letter to comply with items that have been updated.​

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