• Working in the car hire outlets is limited to Saudis


           Asharqia Chamber presents its greetings and informs you of the letter of the letter of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development No. (117798) date (23/12/1438) stating that after reviewing the 36 decree of the Labor Law promulgated by Royal Decree No. 51 dated 23/8/1426,
    The Royal Decree No. (46) date 5/6/1436 issued a Ministerial Resolution concerning the limitation of work in the car hiring outlets to the Saudis. In view of the public interest, the Ministry decided the following:

    First: Shortening the work in the car hire outlets to the Saudis.

    Second: The penalty shall be applied to the violator No. (7) in paragraph (1) of (1) of the ministerial decree No. (4786) date (28/12/1426), which provides for a fine of twenty thousand riyals, which is multiplied by the number of workers who have been employed in professions If the offense is repeated, the fine is doubled.

    Third, this decision shall be effective from the date of 1/7/1439.


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