• The ideal usage of radioactive material used for medical diagnosis and treatment


          Asharqia Chamber  sends you its finest greetings and inform you of the receipt of the letter of Saudi Chambers Council (L.o / d / 3002) and the date (10/22/1437 e), referred to Executive chief Vicar for the   medical devices and products, General Authority for Food and Drug number (43181 / GS ) and the date (10/20/1437 e), containing the reference field visits undertaken by the  committee and specialists from the Ministry of Interior, to verify the matching places of practice to the requirements of the protection and safety of radiation rooms radiation as well as the  ideal use of radioactive medical materials used in the diagnosis and treatment, where there are a number requirements in radiology departments in hospitals and medical centers in the private sector were not followed  , namely:

         -licensed official for radiation protection .
         -personal radiation customers .
          -radiation leakage tests periodically.
         -quality tests of radiology devices.
          -Protective jacket  for radiation and the periodic tests.
          -periodic maintenance of devices x.
          - cautionary presence of radiation signs.
          -warning lamp on the doors of X-ray rooms.
          -provide workers with the necessary training to radiation devices .​.

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