• Working on 3 main objectives to support the localization of professions and activities in partnership with the private sector


    ​General Manager of "HADAF" speaking in the "Asharqia Chamber"

    Working on 3 main objectives to support the localization of professions and activities in partnership with the private sector​

    The Director General of the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf), Turki bin Abdullah Al-Jawini, confirmed on Monday, January 30, 2023, in an open meeting with businessmen and women in the Asharqia Chamber, moderated by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber, Badr bin Suleiman Al-Ruzaiza, that the fund focuses on achieving 3 main goals represented in focus on supporting human capital development; improving the degree of matching between supply and demand; enabling sustainability in the private sector; With a focus also on working alongside the most promising sectors in the labor market.

    During the meeting, the Director General discussed ways of continuing to enhance cooperation between the fund and private sector establishments and work to strengthen the partnership between them.
    Turki bin Abdullah Al-Jaweini presented to the audience the Fund's initiatives and programs aimed at establishments to support Emiratisation, stressing at the same time the need for integration and raising the level of partnership with the private sector to support Emiratisation programs and initiatives.
    He pointed out that "Hadaf" has worked to reformulate several programs and empowerment and support initiatives, to continue developing the skills and capabilities of the country’s people and to attract them to quality training programs that enable them to assume leadership positions in the private sector, to enhance Emiratisation and continuity of performance.
    And the Director General indicated that the fund contributed to supporting the employment of about 400,000 young men and women in 2022 AD; Referring to the real partnership with the private sector; The establishments benefiting from the fund's programs reached about 140 establishments.
    For his part, Al-Ruzaiza said that human capital is one of the most important pillars of maintaining economic growth, as it is the most important element in work and production, as the productivity of countries increases and rises whenever qualified human elements take over them can deal with future needs, which gives countries the ability to compete effectively in International Economy.
    Al-Ruzaiza pointed out that the state, may God preserve it, has paid great attention along its development paths to the national labor force, and has striven to motivate and develop it, empower it with future skills, and raise its production efficiency in various fields to be up to the responsibility. It created mechanisms and programs, launched initiatives, and established institutions of all kinds. To provide qualified Saudi cadres who can keep pace with development needs.
    He stated that what the Human Resources Development Fund is doing in terms of preparing Saudi youth and preparing them to assume their duties in the development process, and encouraging and assisting the private sector to employ national cadres and benefit from their services and capabilities, contributed to overcoming the challenges of localization and developing skills to enter the labor market efficiently and competently.​​

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