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Conditions & Criteria for Ghazi Algosaibi Award by Asahrqia Chamber

The supervisor of the selection committee of the Ghazi Algosaibi award, Mr. Mohammed Mosarraf said that the Asharqia Chamber has introduced the award for the best promising small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). The award has been given by the Chamber once in every two years.


The main objectives of the award  are to revitalize the role of small and medium companies  in the development of the country's aver all economy in general and the economic growth of the Eastern Province in particular.


Mr. Mohammed pointed out  in a lecture session organized by the Chamber recently that the selection committee has identified a set of conditions for this award including increase of awareness of the employees of small and medium enterprises and motivation for providing the best creativity and innovation. Other conditions include  playing a bigger role in establishing the concept of Saudization, in addition to promoting the concept of initiative for the investments.


The award will be given to  the best fifteen three promising SMEs from the five selected sectors. These sectors are IT services, recreation and tourism, health services, business services and support industries. The winners of the award will be featured in the economic journals and publications.


The logos of the winning companies will be shown  within and outside the Chamber and they will be exempted  for one year subscription fees to the Chamber.

Owners of the interested companies  can enter the competition and provide the committee with the required information through the website (WWW.CHAMBER.ORG.SA) or sent by regular mail or e-mail or hand-delivered applications to the center of small and medium enterprises of the Chamber.

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